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  With great power comes great responsibility In this day and age, when environmental issues are trending all over the Media, this topic could not be more relevant. Media platforms have a huge ability to influence the public.  The nature of the factual content they deliver can affect public behaviour and even influence legislation, especially […]

After writing my last blog, ‘Hints and Tips to starting your career in Conservation’ I received a message from Craig (see below) who was worried about how he would be able to pay off his student debts, find financial stability and stay in a conservation career after graduating. Whilst writing a response, I realised that […]

So you want to build a career in the conservation industry eh? Maybe you studied Animal Science as a college course, maybe you’ve just finished a degree in Biological Science. Either way, the first thing I will say is this… prepare to be very very skint for a long time! Here are the three steps […]

Celebrities are tweeting about it, bloggers are making content on it and environmentalists have been writing about their experiences for months now. With the media united in attack mode and this topic basically going viral the world over, are you also feeling guilty about your addiction to plastic yet? (Because let’s face it, we are […]