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After writing my last blog, ‘Hints and Tips to starting your career in Conservation’ I received a message from Craig (see below) who was worried about how he would be able to pay off his student debts, find financial stability and stay in a conservation career after graduating. Whilst writing a response, I realised that […]

So you want to build a career in the conservation industry eh? Maybe you studied Animal Science as a college course, maybe you’ve just finished a degree in Biological Science. Either way, the first thing I will say is this… prepare to be very very skint for a long time! Here are the three steps […]

It’s quite ironic that these tips are essentially coming from a girl with a track record of falling over on a flat surface without so much as a mild breeze. However, you must take into account, that as a trained guide and field researcher, as part of trying to cope with my clumsy everyday existence, I’ve […]