There is nothing like a story told in person, so each year we roll out a limited number of workshops and guest speaking events to bring to life conservation messages from all around the world. For primary schools, this is where Creature Books and sarahsrealjob videos combine, to create a truly interactive experience. For students and adults, this will include our very unique and often gritty, first hand experience from the field, combined with our photos videos and factual mini documentaries.


workshops & public speaking

Public Speaking for Students and Adults

In these inspiring talks, conservation communicator, Sarah Roberts shares her unique experience of life in the field. Her captivating stories include a shark bite on a remote Caribbean island, gun training with anti poaching rangers in South Africa, how to converse with North America’s grizzly bears and much more…

There are some jobs that you just won’t find in a zoo!

All talks include:
+ Conservation Careers
+ Biology and Ecology
+ Media Footage and Photography
+ Conservation and Environmental Issues
+ Field Research and Guide Techniques

Key stage 1, 2 and 3

We are currently offering two different workshop themes to chose from and both are tailored to the 2015 Science National Curriculum.

‘Great Bear Rainforest Recycling Workshop’ focuses on paper as a material and includes a sneak preview of our next book ‘Where’s the Bear?’. The learning content is based on Grizzly Bears and other rainforest inhabitants and includes key topics such as adaptations, senses and the food web. Using photos, footage and real life props, Sarah highlights the threats to the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world, where she lived and worked as a Grizzly Bear guide.

‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley Recycling Workshop’ is based on plastic pollution and is set around our first book. This workshop uses photos, footage and real life marine props, focusing on Sarah’s work in the field with sharks and other marine creatures. It includes topics such as ‘The Food Chain’, ‘Materials and their Properties’ and ‘Senses’.