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‘Creature’ is the name of this outreach education project founded by Sarah Roberts in 2013 to connect children (and adults) to environmental issues that can seem daunting and complex at first glance. 

Our mission is to combat climate anxiety in young people by increasing knowledge, tangible actions and a positive mentality, through educational workshops that are aligned with the UK curriculum.


As an author and eco journalist, with a 1st class BSc degree, Sarah has been documenting and communicating topics such as plastic pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss and more, to the public for the last ten years. Sarah also works with organisations and brands to create documentaries on environmental issues and in 2020 she travelled to Iceland with Blacks and Berghaus, to produce and present ‘Iceland’s Green Machine’ a film all about Carbon storage technology and climate change.


Her first picture book, ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley', published by Scholastic, was read out on CBeebies bedtime stories by Tom Hardy in March 2021. Her second book in the series 'Somebody Crunched Colin' released in January of this year, also focuses on environmental issues of plastic pollution and the benefits of recycling. Her third book is due to be published by Scholastic this Summer 2022, to make the topic of climate change accessible to children at an early age.

Sarah is now in process of expanding the brand Creature to include events throughout the UK &
Overseas and much more! 

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