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In response to the growing number of young people suffering from Climate Anxiety, Creature has gathered some of the world's best scientists, experts and communicators all working at the front lines of climate change and conservation, to bring them into the classroom! 



Creature has gathered some of the best scientists and experts from around the world working at the front lines of climate change, to bring them into the classroom! Our line-up includes a diverse range of: biologists, environmental scientists, engineers, authors, TV presenters, journalists, Humanitarian workers, mindfulness practitioners and more.


We deliver multiple in-person and virtual workshops throughout the day for students to rotate through. Topics can range from sustainability, ocean plastics and deforestation, right through to ethical journalism, storytelling and mindfulness. Some workshops will be outside, where as others may include live props!


Throughout each workshop, the over arching message is one of positivity, optimism and action. Students will be introduced to careers and solutions they may never have realised existed and will be left with simple take home actions, that they themselves can practice.

‘A diverse approach to sharing extensive information about climate change; it engaged and inspired all the children to take action and make a difference themselves.’

Mr Williams, Stonyhurst Upper Prep Teacher


We couldn’t miss this wonderful opportunity to work with Creature and put COP26 as top priority for the children. A really super day, highly memorable and mightily important!'

Ian Murphy, Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Headmaster

‘The talks had a very strong impact to me in different ways, I find it incredibly kind of everyone who came (or called) us to teach us about what they love.’

Alicia, Middle School Pupil

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